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Tennis Coaching in Melbourne

Kelly Tennis is a highly successful tennis coaching organisation in Melbourne. With classes in Surrey Hills, in Melbourne’s east, we are dedicated to providing you with the best service available.

Whether it is improving your game with friendly, professional Tennis Coaching, assisting you to find Tennis Racquets at the best prices in Melbourne or supplying you with one of our Innovative Tennis Products, Kelly Tennis is here to assist you every step of the way.

At Kelly Tennis, we believe that Tennis begins with Service. So why not contact us and share in our passion for this great game.

Our Coaching Programs

  • Junior Tennis Coaching
  • Squad Tennis Coaching
  • Personal Tennis Coaching
  • Kindy Tennis Coaching (Age range)
  • Hot Shots (in Schools)
  • Ladies Tennis Program
  • Cardio Tennis

Junior Tennis Coaching

Our Junior Tennis Coaching classes are for 30 or 45 minutes and each class has a maximum of 4 – 6 students.  We group our students based on their ability and age to make sure that each student receives the best possible coaching.

Start learning the game of life time

  • Developing correct technique on all shots i.e. forehand, backhand, serve, volley, smash and return of serve
  • Building each students rally length
  • Understanding the importance of the serve in tennis
  • Footwork and movement with lots of fun and interesting games
  • Tennis based activities which enhances understanding of correct technique plus enjoyment of tennis
  • Scoring and basic rules and etiquette of tennis.
  • Expert racquet advise and unbeatable prices on all junior racquets
  • 8 week term $132.00 inc GST

Squad Tennis Coaching

Squad Tennis Coaching with Qualified Enthusiastic Coaches Monday to Thursday from 5.00pm

45 minutes to 1 hour squads
2 courts with 2 coaches

Students are selected for our squads based on ability to make sure that each student receives the best possible coaching.

Kelly Tennis Squads are focused on developing players full potential

  • Developing correct decision making at all times;
  • Developing players shot selection ie when to attack, defend, play neutral;
  • Building confidence in player through correct technique on all shots;
  • Developing in each student an understanding of correct ball toss and leg drive on serve;
  • Developing more advanced shots ie sliced backhand,second serve, down the line backhand,strong volleys;
  • Developing consistency and focus in rallies;
  • Footwork  movement and recovery between shots;
  • Emotional self management in competitive play;
  • Competitive and challenging  tennis based drills which develop all of the above;
  • Using Modern Technology  to analysis and correct students technique;
  • Written reports on progress to each student and
  • Encouraging entry to club competition and tournament play
  • Expert racquet advise and unbeatable prices on all brands of latest racquets
  • 8 week term $149.00

Ladies Social Competitions

Ladies Competitive Social Competition
This competition is designed for ladies who enjoy a competitive game,with a social aspect as well.
Each lady plays 2 sets of tennis throughout the morning with points awarded each week to each player.
A prizes are awarded to winning lady player at completion of each term.

Competitive Social Competition Time is:
Friday, 9.00am – 11.00am
@ Canterbury Tennis Club
Croydon Rd
Surrey Hills
8 week term $70.00

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“…Linda and her team have always been very approachable, going that extra mile, if needed, to help us accommodate tennis lessons into our busy family life…”

Narelle Crothers
Narelle Crothers Corporate


Multi Sports Rebounder

It is 2 metres high x 2 metres wide,made of galvanized steel with telescopic arms for easy adjustment for different angles and speed of contact. Suitable for TENNIS, SOCCER, CRICKET and HOCKEY
It comes with a centre strap to teach students the height required to hit over a tennis net.
Suitable for all ages where hand eye co-ordination and ball control is reasonably developed.
The Multi Sports Rebounder retails for only $369.00 which includes GST.
The Kelly Tennis Multi Sports Rebounder greatly improves students hand eye co-ordination, ball control, fitness, concentration and consistency. Our unique MSR is an all purpose rebound net that is quick and easy to assemble, lightweight and completely Australian Made.

$369.00 inc GST

Kelly Tennis Scoreboard

The greatest tennis scoring system you will ever see!!!
From a distance large numbering enables parents and other players to know the score,thus eliminating problems between players
The Tennis Ball Magnetics are strong and the scoreboard is completely waterproof. The Scoreboard clips easily onto the fence with built in hooks on the back of the scoreboard.
This scoreboard uses the unique magnetic tennis ball user friendly scoring system developed exclusively for the Kelly Tennis Scoreboard
Dimensions 300mm wide x 900mm high
Durable weatherproof construction
Easy to change score magnetic operation
Permanently attached to tennis court mesh

$150.00 inc GST

School Holiday Hot Shots Tennis Clinics

School Holiday Hot Shots Tennis Clinics in each week of the Victorian School Holidays.
These clinics are for younger beginners and intermediate players ages approx 5 to 10 years of age

Begin to develop the basic skills of the game of a lifetime
Improve your tennis with lots of helpful hints and supervised fun tennis games
Enjoy new activities and have fun in a relaxed, friendly environment.
Modified Balls/Nets/ Racquets for beginners
School Holiday Hot Shot Tennis Clinic for Sept/Oct 2014

Monday Sept 22nd to Wednesday Sept 24th
Canterbury Tennis Club

Croydon Rd Surrey Hills

9.00am to 11.00am each day

Cost $105.00

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School Holiday Tournaments

School Holiday Tournament in the Victorian School Holidays.
The location is :
Canterbury Tennis Club
Croydon Road, Surrey Hills
Melways Ref: 46 F11

Wed Sept 24th
10.00am -11.30am
All keen junior players
6 to 12 years (must be able to rally over a modified net)
Modified balls/nets/racqs with easy scoring for younger players.
Prizes for all!
Come along,challenge your friends and play your best.

$10.00 per player

Ladies Tennis Coaching

Kelly Tennis offers Ladies Tennis Coaching in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne for beginner ladies to advanced,competitive players.
Kelly Tennis programs are designed to provide the acquisition of skills progressively from beginner to elite level. This gives ladies a structured pathway to enhance their skills and develop their game.

Our tennis coaching classes take place at:
Canterbury Tennis Club
Croydon Road
Surrey Hills 3127
Melways Ref: 46 F11

Kelly Tennis employs friendly, qualified staff who conduct lessons in a patient, co-operative and non-competitive environment. The emphasis of our ladies tennis coaching is on participation, enjoyment, the acquisition of sound tennis skills and making new friends.

Ladies Coaching Classes are held on:
Monday 9.15am to 10.45am
Monday10.45am to11.45am
Thursday 9.15am to 10.15am
Cost $18.00 per one hour class
Personal Classes can be arranged by appointment


Free Racquet

Sponsored by Tennis Australia and organized by Kelly Tennis, friendly,qualified, professional tennis coaches deliver the Tennis Hot Shots Program at the following schools, before school over an 8 week term.
Each student receives a FREE racquet on enrolment and a FREE cool Hot Shots t-shirt

Holy Redemmer Primary School York St Mont Albert Victoria

Chatham Primary School Weybridge St Surrey Hills Victoria

Kelly Tennis

Tennis Begins with Service

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Monday : 8am – 7pm

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Friday : 8am – 7pm

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Canterbury Tennis Club

25 Croydon Road
Surrey Hills Victoria 3127
Melways Ref: 46 F11

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